Flicker Yellow Shafted - Charley Harper

Ford Times Print

$ 395.00

Charley Harper 

1955 Ford Times Print

Flicker Yellow Shafted

Image Size 18.5" H x 13" V

Overall Size 20.5" H x 15" V

Estate Embossed Seal - Not Signed

"The Flicker announces spring to the hard-of-hearing. He has as many as colors: High-Hole, Yellow-Hammer, Harrywicket, Wake-up, Gaffer Woodpecker. He is the passionate, outdoors type - loud shirt and Bermuda shorts, flying in leaps and bounds, drumming on tin roofs, making love publicly, eating ants, living to the hilt. A female Flicker, hard pressed by a thief, once laid 71 eggs in 73 days." - Charles Harper

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