Black Billed Magpie - Charley Harper

Ford Times Print

$ 395.00

Charley Harper 

1956 Ford Times Print

Black Billed Magpie

Image Size 18.5" H x 13" V

Overall Size 20.5" H x 15" V

Estate Embossed Seal - Not Signed

NOTE: Foxing in lower borders, not extending into print area.

"Gay, braggartly, pilfering, the Magpie is the Capone of the Plains. He puts up a half-bushel, two door, reinforced-mud ranch house and has the shortest of widowhoods - up to twenty four hours. He goes formal to every meal but never bothers to read the menu, being no food snob. From him come the tenderest of filial utterances, but his loud-mouthed yackety-hack in a crowd of male companions is unprintable. He imitates humans - at least, he learns to talk like one." - Charles Harper

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