House Wren On Clothesline - Charley Harper

Ford Times Print

$ 495.00

Charley Harper 

1955 Ford Times Print

House Wren On Clothesline

Image Size 18.5" H x 13" V

Overall Size 20.5" H x 15" V

Estate Embossed Seal - Not Signed

NOTE: Light stain to the left of the clothespin.

"Like countless small, rather pretty women, Jenny is a bundle of vivacity. Her husband is a card. He has a new scheme every five minutes, and together they work in ecstasy and at cross purposes. He swings a stick into place, she throws it away. This calls for another song. The Wrens will build in any container that's handy. Here Jenny looks for the clothes-pin bag. Split level, of course." - Charles Harper

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